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2006 Spotlight on Talent News

Changes in 2006

February 27, 2006

Because of the huge response of 2005 (we saw over 230 contestants in one day), we must necessarily make some changes in the format of the competition. For the preliminary tryouts on March 25, there will be 2 panels of judges. The early shift will judge the youngest 2 categories. A later shift will then judge the group category and after that the oldest category. We will set the exact times for these 2 shifts, and the exact age/grade cutoff for categories, when we have received all the application forms. Letters will be mailed out on Monday March 13 with tryout times, and the full schedule will be posted on the web site. NOTE - because of the huge number of applicants, we can no longer take any requests for earlier or later times. We are sorry but that will have to be the policy for everyone. The judges will see contestants in the order of their ages, youngest to oldest, with pianists grouped together at several points, to cut down on so many piano moves.

Also, in an effort to do all we can to eliminate microphone/tape problems, we will hold an expanded "sound check"; the afternoon of the finals on April 22. Everyone who uses a mic or accompaniment tape will be assigned a time to come, which will be in the order of the program. This will allow sound booth technicians to fully test mike and tape levels and make a note of that for the show. Because this does not include pianists they will be told a later time to come to the stage for a quick run through on the performance piano.