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Spotlight on Talent 2018 Solo Contestant Application Form


Solo Application Regulations and Information

  1. By submitting this application, you agree to allow us to use the following in publicity and on the association’s website including, but not limited to – your likeness (photo/video of performance), name, age, home town, and studio / teacher.
  2. Eligibility requirements – may be amateurs or professionals, children up through 12th grade, no older than 19 years old, and can only compete once as a 12th grader.
  3. Each participant may be in only one solo and one group performance each year, at the most.
  4. There will be a limited amount of time to prepare make-up/costumes and change between acts, so please consider this in your planning for the finals if in both a solo and group act.
  5. Solo time limit – 3 minutes. If you have competed before, you may not repeat the same performance piece.
  6. Acts are judged on:
    1. Talent- 25 points
    2. Stage Presence- 3 points
    3. Appropriate Appearance- 2 points
  7. All dance, costumes, and movement gestures should be tastefully done and age appropriate.
  8. If performing tap, no other tap sounds on music. If singing to back-up music, no other voices should sing your part!
  9. Back-up (accompaniment) music on Mp3 & CD = Label all CD discs with 1) name, 2) song title, 3) length of song. Burn CDs using CD-R's, not CD-RW's. We prefer Mp3's submitted ahead of time vs. CD's given at prelims.
    1. Mp3 - you’ll get an email to submit the file online before prelims, bring a back-up copy on CD to turn in at check in.
    2. CD - bring 2 copies with you to preliminaries, 1 copy won't be returned to you. Turn in both CDs when you check in.
  10. Preliminary competition is Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 at the Center for the Arts at Wesley Chapel High. Auditions begin around 8:30 a.m. You will receive a notice via email/mail informing you of your audition time, and the full schedule will be posted on www.heritagearts.org. Young ages will audition earlier, and judging for older contestants later.
  11. Final competition is Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the same theater. We will have 2 shows. Groups may be in 1 category or 2, split by average ago, if numbers allow. If you have a conflict with either date, contact us before entering.

Contestant Information

First Name*
Last Name*
Zip Code* (5 digit) County*
Email* Phone*
Birthday* (mm/dd/yy)
Are you in a group act? If So, What is the name of the act?

Performance Information

Title of Performance/ Music*
Type of Talent*
Show/ Opera Name (if applicable)
Do you have some type of accompaniment
(background music)?*
Did you create this on YOUR own?*
How long have you studied your talent?*
Who is your teacher/studio?*
(choose only one)

Additional Performance Information

Which Type(s) of microphone(s) (if any) would you prefer:
On stand Headset
Handheld - corded Using your own microphone
Handheld - cordless No preference
Lapel No microphone
Boom stand    
Please provide information about you – include your activities, hobbies, other interests or talents, etc. *
Notice – this info will be read by the MC at the finals.
Standard backdrop lighting color is a multi-color blend.  If you prefer something different, choose a preference below:
(If applicable) Type any special information about your act (musical false endings, spoken words before music starts, props, staging, etc.)

If you are worried that we may mispronounce ANY information you submitted about your act (i.e. title song, composer, bio info, name), please type it phonetically for us here:

How do you prefer we communicate letters, judges’ comments, instructions?

Please be patient after submitting the application as the form might take up to a minute to process. Please DO NOT press the Submit button twice.