2023 Spotlight on Talent Winners Photo Gallery

Matinee Show

Category 1 - Ages 6 - 10

Category 2 - Ages 11 - 12

Category 3 - Age 13

Matinee Category 4 - Younger Groups

Evening Show

Evening Category 1 - Age 14

Evening Category 2 - Ages 15 - 16

Evening Category 3 - Ages 17 - 18

Evening Category 4 - Older Groups

2023 Pasco Heritage Scholarship

a $1,000 Pasco Heritage Scholarship Is given to the talented graduating senior from Pasco County  who receives the highest judges’ scores from both the auditions and finals.

Photos of other contestants in the Finals can be made available from our official photographer, Gary Hatrick 

We want to recognize and thank our official photographer, Mr. Gary Hatrick. Mr. Hatrick always makes time to be with us for  the preliminary auditions and the finals and provides us with excellent photos for our memories. These precious photographs are also available to parents and friends by contacting him at 813-312-7119 or at highroadzhills@aol.com.  Check him out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-S-Hatrick/100002861585766