Board of Directors

The HACA Board of Directors

  • Heather Kline, President
  • Dr. Joe Hill – (President Emeritus)
  • Barbara Friedman – Vice President of Performing Arts, Publicity Chair
  • Connie LaMarca-Frankel – Vice President for Visual Arts
  • Stephanie Stevens – Secretary
  • Steve Mayville – Director at Large
  • Lauretta Brown – Website Chair
  • Laurel Weightman – Membership and Spotlight on Talent Support
  • Melinda Geskey
  • Tinna Knight
  • Melanie Mainwaring
  • Jacqui McCray
  • Lauran Monbarren
  • Judy Schaper
  • Vicki West
  • Julie Withers 

Other Roles:

Spotlight on Talent Production: Barbara Friedman, Laurel Weightman, Michelle Twitmyer (non-Board Member),  Michael Roberts, Lauretta Brown 

Spotlight Sponsorship: 

Moonlight and Ivory Production:  

Visual Arts Team:  Connie LaMarca-Frankel

Heather Kline – Social Media Chair

The HACA Board Members in Action (not all pictured)