Prior Years Nereim Awards Winners

2021 Nereim award Winner


This year the award was presented to Alexandra Barath, a recent graduate of Pasco High School.

Alexandra will be attending the University of Central Florida with a major in Experimental Animation.  She loves the creative process and the idea of producing something that only she could have made.  Her huge imagination leads her in the directions beyond the average visual art media.

Her primary submitted work, “Pink Cityscape”, was a digital computer drawing, referencing her fascination for both perspective and vast cityscapes, and was an effort to broaden her color palette skills.  Alexandra lives in Wimauma, and thanks the organization for this wonderful opportunity.

Her work will be featured next year at Heritage Art’s “Moonlight and Ivory” concerts and art show, held annually at Dade City’s Woman’s Club on the 1st Saturday of February.  More information about that event, and the organization, may be found at

Alexandra Barath
2021 Winning Artwork


2020 Nereim Award Winner

Meagan Alexis Stringer

The 2020 winner of the Nereim Fine Arts Award was given to Meagan Alexis Stringer, who received a $1,000 check from Heritage Arts Center Association. Meagan is a 2020 graduating senior at Zephyrhills High School, and was presented the certificate by Thaila Stilson, the Visual Arts Chair of the H.A.C.A. Board of Directors.

Meagan Stringer was inspired to draw by her talented father and by her supportive elementary school art teacher. She continued working on her artistic talent throughout her childhood, and now plans to enter the field of illustration at the Academy of Art University. Meagan wants to inspire people to explore what they can do with their art expression. She will be invited to display her art at next February’s “Moonlight and Ivory” concerts and art showings at the Women’s Club in Dade City.   Meagan was selected for this recognition from eight other highly accomplished local artists via a rigorous process.

2020 Winning Art Work- Submitted by Meagan Stringer