We appreciate everyone’s patience as we decide how to hold our Annual Spotlight on Talent Competition in light of Covid-19.    AND YES, WE DO have a Solution!  See details below.  Please read carefully.


Unfortunately, the COVID virus is still active in the area, so we are indeed going to have to go to our Plan B for the competition.  We will NOT have preliminary auditions on Feb. 13, but have a one-day contest on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at the theater at Wesley Chapel High.  The deadline for applications is still Jan. 28, and the application process remains the same.   The week after we receive the applications, we will send out and post a schedule for the performance/competition day.  Here are some important details about how that will go:  everyone will compete within an age category (to be determined after applications are received);  there will still be solo and group categories;  you will need to arrive already dressed and warmed up (no inside rooms available for that);  all will wear masks and remain socially distanced;  you will come, register and be seated with only your immediate family members;  groups will remain together outside until performance time;  you will be called to the stage to perform, then immediately return to sit with family;  awards will be given for each age category (one group representative and one teacher will remain inside the theater to receive awards);  you will then exit the theater and return home;  the judges’ comments will be sent to you by email;  there will be no audience;  the entire event will be professionally filmed as in the past.

We are disappointed as you are that our usual final shows with audiences will not be possible.  We know you understand that everyone’s safety must be the important goal.  The good news is that by using these methods, talented students are still able to prepare a performance, audition in front of a panel of professional judges, receive the helpful input from those judges, be awarded with our usual cash and trophy prizes (the $1,000 Pasco Heritage Scholarship will still be awarded), and have the opportunity to have a video record of their performance and the awards.

When you check-in/register on March 6,  we will request that a COVID Release Form be signed by a parent or teacher for each act. A copy of this release form will be sent to you when we send out the performance schedule.